Friday, May 6, 2011

Pop Up Shows this May: Satok & Dean

There are two pop-up shows opening this month that I would like to encourage anyone and everyone to check out if they happen to have the opportunity, although they have nothing in common.

In Toronto, Lauren Satok's "All The Places We Have Been" will be running from May 12-14 at the Baitshop Gallery located at 358 Dufferin St, Unit 117, which can be entered through the Milky Way. I met with her last month to see some of the pieces and wrote a brief essay to be displayed at the show which also promises hard booze, some kind of country-punk music, video projections and improvised storytelling.

For those in Montreal, Mr. Rory Dean has a solo show at Ctrllab baring the eloquent title, "Fuck It, Fuck Art & Fuck You" running from May 18-21. It seems to be a rather new road for Dean this time out, but hopefully it will get some love since they do still have some genuine appreciation for aggressive painting in Quebec. Here's an interview I did with him a few months ago.

And I promise to update this site more often, but being basically homeless for awhile made it hard.

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